Sharepoint Portal

Sharepoint Portal

SharePoint Portal

Share, organize and explore information with Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint Portal is Microsoft's portal and social software, which facilitates the information flow inside the company. The forms regarding the processes among different departments are easily managed on SharePoint Portal. Thanks to SharePoint lists (forms), all procedures are performed digitally. Company employees can fill in the uniform task forms (cost, leave, request, call records etc.) online without the need for any printed material.

Being a Microsoft Gold partner, Vektora offers SharePoint consultancy services to the customers to enable using SharePoint solutions in order to facilitate their cooperation, to promote their participation and to automatize work processes

When you choose SharePoint as your corporate platform, you will obtain numerous tools that will help reaching multiple objectives simultaneously. It will be very easy for you to manage simple work processes, to promote cooperation among people, to improve the quality of the work processes and to facilitate the efficiency of employees. 

Why Should You Choose SharePoint?

Real-Time Cooperation

Would you like to intensify interdepartmental communication or combine distributed offices? We can help you turn SharePoint into a cooperation engine that will guide your teams, promote independent inputs of employees and facilitate their trust and loyalty.

Process-Oriented Integration

Integration of SharePoint with organizational solutions will support corporate cooperation by ensuring the sustainability of work processes. The consultancy team of Vektora will help you create an efficient cooperation environment that works in harmony with your organizational systems such as ERP and CRM.


SharePoint is a tool which easily transforms work processes into efficient workflows. Our SharePoint consultants can help you with workflow automation by developing a brand new workflow or by modifying your current workflow in order to assist you adapt to new business needs and realize your business strategy step-by-step.

Consolidated Information

SharePoint can transform raw information, from a newborn idea to a well-thought idea, from a temporary idea to a real project, into the most precious asset of the company. SharePoint application will help you create, develop and expand your information assets, also facilitate the decision-making process and help you convert from a true recording method to a real information management in order to improve the skills of teams.

Vektora SharePoint Portal

Services Offered Under SharePoint Installation Consultancy: 

  • SharePoint portal setup, backup
  • Setting up a search server
  • Performance and security settings configuration

Services Offered Under SharePoint Form and Workflow Consultancy:

  • Creating custom lists
  • Creating InfoPath forms
  • Creating standard (Sequential, State Machine) Workflows with SharePoint Designer
  • Creating custom workflows with Visual Studio
  • Creating workflows with Nintex Workflow 

Services Offered Under SharePoint Document and Document Management Consultancy:

  • SharePoint filing and authorization
  • Document versioning
  • In-document search capability
  • Access via Web and mobile devices
  • Consultancy on issues such as enabling Single-Sign-On access with Active Directory integration


Adapt to the changing business needs with the new generation cloud solutions

Windows Azure is one of the most popular cloud computing platforms and infrastructure. It ensures hosting, distribution, scaling and management of different Web applications. It provides both PaaS and IaaS services. It supports various programming languages, tools and frameworks that are for Microsoft and for other third party software and systems. It also offers a flexible approach for the creation and management of applications that can run on Cloud and in company, by enabling integration with the company environment. 

Create powerful cloud applications instantly using a fully managed platform

Experienced Microsoft team of Vektora offers consultancy services to help you create reliable and scalable critical Web Applications, Mobile Applications, API Applications and Workflows on Azure App Service, which is one of Microsoft Azure services, and transfer your systems on the fully managed Service Platform (Platform as a Service PaaS). 


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