SAP HANA Data Management Suite

SAP HANA Data Management Suite

In addition to the data increasing in SAP world, storage, analysis and interpretation of the data formed on the architects such as technology 4.0 become a more important need for the enterprises. Especially with the increase in the amount of data, process of getting a logical result in these analysis stages is becoming harder.

SAP's SAP HANA Data Management Suite product represents a range of products designed to satisfy these needs.


  • SAP HANA database in the field of fast data processing.
  • SAP DATA HUB simplifies data flow and management, converts the data analysis process into smart systems, and can be run in a cloud or local environment.
  • SAP Cloud Platform Big Data Services are fully managed by SAP on the Cloud platform and offer flexible use with architecture based on HADOOP and SPARK.
  • WEB-based SAP Enterprise Architecture Designer can be used on a cloud or locally, and it may be used by companies in order to design their needs, data streams, and business processes end-to-end on a single platform.

Enabling real-time data analysis from SAP or other data sources, SAP HANA Data Management Suite produces clear and reliable data that can be effectively used in decision processes.

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