Community Management

Community Management

Community management solution located on the cloud platform brings your customers or partners closer to each other

Online Community Management Software provides effective capabilities for brand management using forums, user groups, learning resources, and other social features. Provides tools to connect with customers to create focused user groups and communities.

Vektora Community Management Solution enables the management and integration of interfaces for different communities on a single platform. It provides features that allow it to interact, by using Community Management software, users' ratings, rankings, forums, etc. 

It also allows you to publish product information for your brand to focused communities with different features and templates. With the modular structure on the platform, multiple interfaces can be prepared and different functionalities can be added. By setting different KPI sets on the Community Management platform, point structure and gift structures can be established.


  • Cloud-based architecture to run on any cloud platform
  • Focused user management
  • Integrations with point structures and gift systems
  • Module structure, in which the products and content will be provided to users
  • Integration with education systems and ability of tracking
  • Creating a user-interactive structure with fields such as forums and news feed
  • Achievement of interaction between users through the platform 
  • Module structure providing surveys and quiz functions for focused users
  • Additionality of all kinds of special modules for your company into the platform
  • Feedback module structure for all kinds of feedback related to your brand from users
  • Running in full integration with CRM and ERP systems
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