Analytics Cloud

Analytics Cloud

SAP Digital Boardroom

SAP Digital Boardroom, SAP's new solution that simplifies the board and management meetings, provides end-to-end transparency to enterprises at critical analysis stage with its dynamic visual structure. SAP Digital Boardroom, which creates agile decision mechanism by means of real-time data integration according to the analysis areas, creates a detailed and transparent analysis environment with one click with its dynamic visual contents.

SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning

SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning, which brings innovations to the planning solution portfolio, is the cloud-based planning service (SaaS) that focuses on the end-user and planner. Thanks to SAP HCP support, SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning, which provides users with a comprehensive cooperation environment thanks to its fast and agile applications, integrates planning and analysis processes and brings together planning and reporting practices in a single solution.

SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning effectively combines planning and reporting and it is powered with SAP HANA in-memory technology, SAP Analytics Cloud's analytical capabilities, its cloud-based structure, and ease of mobile integration. Thanks to improved SAP HANA integration, SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning enables planners to perform and process accounting changes on-the-fly during their analysis.

SAP Analytics CLoud for Planning allows for automatic categorization of all data entered according to the characteristic values. This new solution, which offers integrated planning with SAP BPC through Hybrid scenario options, includes customized deployment and calculation features during planning.

SAP Analytics Cloud Predictive Forecasting

SAP Analytics Cloud features advanced analytical capabilities with intelligent data discovery and simulation, prediction of time sequences, R visualizations and algorithms. SAP Analytics Cloud facilitates data access and visualization with intelligent data discovery and simulation and it is the basis for advanced analytics.

With R code integration, the solution similar to SAP Predictive Analytics provides predictive solutions that enable advanced users to create open-source R-code algorithms for large-scale prediction algorithms. With SAP Analytics Cloud's forecasting capabilities, a user can create a time sequences graph on some data and create fast, and advanced predictions with one click. SAP Analytics is powered with the historical data in order to access accurate statistical predictions. Users who want to improve the forecasting results for time sequences that are created can change the number of forecasting periods of outputs and also specify additional input variables to improve the accuracy of advanced predictions.


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