Image Processing

Image Processing

Image Processing is a concept that came into our lives in recent years and continuing to come into our lives faster. In fact, it had been in the world of computer science for many years, but as technologies became widespread and accessible, their use increased and became more and more popular.

Image Processing is the definition of content characteristics by evaluating an image or a video. The element of defining the content property is based on a particularly distinctive character. For example, all of the facial recognition systems used today are carried out by image processing techniques.

In the years to come, we can technically illustrate the image processing, for which we can say that it will be used in many different areas of our business and private life: Plate recognition systems primarily attempt to detect the plate of the vehicle in the image first. After detecting the location of the plate, it tries to detect the numbers and figures in the plate. Here, even if there is mud, dust, paint on one side of any letter or number, it matches all the letters/digits with the pictures and information in the library, and corrects the error with image processing.


  • Face recognition and security systems.
  • Demographic evaluations
  • Traffic, astronomy, radar and image sector applications
  • Determination of population density by using satellite images.
  • Radiology sector (Tomography, Ultrasound, etc.).
  • Understanding of both underwater images and satellite images in Military Industry.
  • Field of medicine, such as differentiating various organ structures
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