Product Information Management

Product Information Management

Due to the existing dynamic business environment good information management is essential. Regardless of your industry, managing data well is one of the most fundamental differences that help you to outperform your competitors. 

One of the biggest challenges of managing an online business is that you need to manage your inventory effectively. As your business grows, this difficulty increases. The use of a good product management system becomes a basic requirement to sell more channels and grow your business.

Vektora Product Management System makes it much easier to manage your products through a single system, saving you both time and cost.


  • Arranges and manages all product information. In addition, it makes sharing data in different channels easier.
  • Reduces product return or complaint samples by providing customers with detailed information about your products and ensuring the consistency of information on each channel. It also reduces the abandonment of the shopping cart.
  • Reduces the operation of fixed and manual data entry. Makes it easy to search for products and update inventory.
  • It has dynamic feature and a structure that may create product template structure.
  • It has flexible multi-language structure with the structure for managing product features. 
  • It enables product marketing materials (image, video, etc.) to be managed on a single platform.  
  • It allows creating product tree based on channel.
  • The Upcell and cross sell structure allows for relationships between the products.
  • Defining the product proposition for related products.It allows the same product to be published with different designs and templates in different channels.    


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