Reseller Management / B2B Portal

Reseller Management / B2B Portal

Your dealers are critical to your success and profit in the market; They are at the center of most of your organization's processes and activities.

B2B Portal provides many advantages to your organization. It allows your customers, dealers or distributors to see their orders, budgets, pricing, and current promotions at a single point through an online experience.

Vektora develops suitable solutions for the needs of the leading companies in its sectors with its expert team in the Dealership Management applications and the newest technologies used in its sector.  


  • Faster release of goods and services to the market
  • Lower production costs
  • Lower logistics costs
  • Uninterrupted and high quality service
  • Optimum amount of buying & selling 
  • Qualified reporting service
  • ERP and CRM systems Integrated processes thanks to integration
  • Premium and Loyalty Management and Dealer Relationship Management
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