Today's industry-leading cloud-based solution for more than 30 million users in more than 4,000 companies, SuccessFactors, is the cloud-based solution that has proven itself to improve the efficiency of human resources processes and it is a solution that provides services in human resources business applications.

Why SAP SuccessFactors?

Today, companies are investing in young, dynamic staffs and investing young talents in their organizations. At this point, the need for the young generation which can adapt quickly to the changing processes of the companies is increasing day by day. In addition, the fact that today's employees are looking for a track from the practices they use in their daily lives in the applications they use at work is noticeable.

Together with the SuccessFactors solution, companies offer a business application that addresses the young talents from the new generation. Thanks to its interface, easy accessibility from mobile and integration with the applications used in daily life, it is no longer a business application for employees, it is easy to use, it is close to daily life, it is accessible from anywhere where the internet is accessible.


SuccessFactors Modules


Employee Central (Employee Profile and Self Service)

Performance and Goals (Goal and Performance Management)

Wage Management

Analytical Reporting 

Career and Backup Planning




Workforce Planning

Jam (Social Learning Platform)

Mobile Solutions

On Premise Integration Architecture



  • The cloud-based system, which eliminates hardware and installation costs, reduces the commitment of human resources departments to internal IT departments, reducing the workload on human resources and saving time. Thus, the human resources department can fulfill the strategic partnership requirements of the company more efficiently.
  • SuccessFactors improves employees' adaptation to business practices by eliminating the difference in experience. Newly recruited employees can complete the orientation processes in the SuccessFactors application, such as playing a mobile game.
  • With the SuccessFactors mobile app, employees and managers can control processes such as permission requests, approval process, checking targets on mobile, providing updated status reports, accessing contact information of in-house employees from wherever they can connect to the internet. It is not even possible to connect to the company via VPN.
  • SuccessFactors offers a ready-to-read content library that is constantly updated by sharing feedback and in-house best-practices gathered through the interaction of more than 30 million users and more than 4,000 companies worldwide. Ready-made business families, industry-based ready work descriptions, target library consisting of more than 2000 smart targets, competencies, ready-made workflows, demand for human resources processes, approval, advance, permit, etc. are just some of these. One of the reasons why SuccessFactors is one of the most important reasons is that the best practices come in a ready way and their installation to companies in an easy way.
  • The SuccessFactors application offers a lot of configuration options for users to adapt their systems to their needs. What makes SuccessFactors powerful is the detailed configuration points with a library that responds to a lot of ready-made processes.
  • SuccessFactors offers an ability to make extension in Hana Cloud platform. Applications developed on Hana Cloud platform can be run in the SuccessFactors system, regardless of whether it is a zero-process or an add-on to the applications in SuccessFactors. The availability of the Hana Cloud platform and SuccessFactors in the same data centers provides a great advantage in terms of application speeds. Also, the developed applications SuccessFactors can be used anywhere in the world when they are placed in the global market. The companies that want to implement the process can download it and start using it on SuccessFactors when they see a similar application in the market.



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