Basic Human Resources and Payrolling

Basic Human Resources and Payrolling


SAP HCM module automates the processes of the personnel and human resources departments of the enterprises by utilizing today's technological facilities.

Provides support to planning by monitoring personal information for effective management of existing labor force.

Personnel Management provides traceability on the basis of keeping the main data such as the keeping of the personnel master data, reporting, planning of work schedules and shifts, follow-up, and wage management systematically by creating appropriate personnel groups.

Organization Management module allows you to learn your company's past, present and future situations. In the light of this information, it makes the future human resources needs planned in advance.


Calculation of enterprise-related calculations related to the payroll includes calculation applications conforming to legal procedure and preparing SSK, İŞKUR report outputs and bank disks.

All payrolls are automatically recognized by the integrated structure of Payroll with accounting module.

Provides effective and flexible solutions for the calculation of all payroll transactions in accordance with different regulations within the framework of corporate wage policies



  • Tracking personnel movements
  • Tracking personal information
  • Tracking payroll basic data
  • Tracking Absenteeism
  • Tracking the specific movements of the employees within the group/company
  • Preventing incomplete information by providing information input to the determined types of information
  • Keeping detail of personnel information changes in a trace file
  • End-to-end integrated structure
  • Powerful reporting features



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