E-Commerce Applications

E-Commerce Applications

New markets and new customers with Vektora E-Commerce solutions

With B2C applications, businesses create a different dimension to the traditional trading concept by establishing a direct relationship with their customers and reach their customers in the fastest way. Vektora offers customizable B2C solutions for e-commerce applications for the companies that want to provide online purchase opportunity to their customers.

Vektora E-commerce solution CRM works as fully integrated with ERP systems and thanks to its OMNI Channel structure, it provides the establishment of a communication network in every area where your company contacts customers. It allows you to track all your processes from one point with the integration between the other platforms, and offers the fastest way to sell and manage your products online through multiple sales channels. 

Vektora develops a solution suitable for the needs of leading companies in the sector with its expert team in e-commerce applications and the latest technologies it uses, and offers full support in its B2C projects.



  • Minimized cost and workforce
  • Clear accessibility to the products and prices
  • Presenting product features and conditions directly to consumers
  • 100% safe trade with security certification
  • Integration with each bank and payment system
  • Having an instant reporting and information structure
  • Channel based price, installment management opportunity
  • Having advanced campaign management
  • Allowing process flow and tracking with ERP and CRM systems
  • Determination of product delivery processes during the ordering and giving automatic service orders.  
  • End-to-end tracking of return processes 
  • Automatic calls to the services, for transportation and mounting.


  • Shipment tracking
  • Automatic triggering of pos returns in return process
  • Having automatic product and ordering integration with Market Places
  • Having a sales infrastructure via Call Center

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