IoT and Sensor Device Applications

IoT and Sensor Device Applications

The Internet of Things (IoT), as a concept that we often hear about in the past few years, not only in the corporate field, but also in the eyes of the individual consumer, refers to the age of Smart Things that starts with the fact that all kinds of objects are able to exchange data continuously.

The main issue in this regard is Machine-Machine (M2M) communication. While talking about the machine's becoming smarter, M2M is not meant. "Sensors" stand out at this point.

Sensors measure and evaluate; in short, collect data and distribute. The concept of the Internet of Things becomes more valuable when it is considered as the talking of the sensors and the machines. However, the information collected by the sensors loses importance if there is no infrastructure to process them in real time.

Cloud-based applications have now reached a critical point in terms of real-time processing of data. Continuous, accessible, secure cloud systems are a must for the age of the "internet of objects".



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