As SAP and Microsoft's Gold Partner; with our ability to think past, present and future at the same time, we offer pioneering and different solutions to our customers' digital transformation journeys. With our IoT projects, which are the most important chain of the digital transformation process, we work as one of you to meet the rising customer expectations that create flexible supply networks that connect to the world of machines and systems. We present our plug and play applications with our close to 20 special solutions, all of which are developed by experienced Vektora software team.

7/24 Data Transfer Monitoring and Management Service

During live use of systems, they should be supported by regular data updates. In IT systems such as data warehouse and reporting used, not performing data updates correctly and regularly causes the information in the reports received through these systems to be incomplete or incorrect. In particular, in industries with high transaction density, failure to transfer data on time and accurately causes disruptions in critical processes such as managerial and strategic decisions. 7/24 monitoring of this type of data transfer requires regular effort and job tracking.

As Vektora, we provide regular monitoring and control of your data with our team, which provides support for the monitoring and management of data transfers, and ensure the currentness of the data in your systems. Thus, your IT teams can focus on the areas where the system can be improved, not on the problems with the system's execution. While we are dealing with the control and management needs regarding regular data transfer and updates between different systems, you can always make your reports on current and accurate data.

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