Real Estate Management

Real Estate Management

With SAP Real Estate and Asset Management, you can manage all end-to-end processes of real estate on SAP. With construction, purchase or lease, you can track the realization processes of any real estate that you add to your portfolio through the system.

For the real estate you have rented, starting from the bidding stage, you can manage tracking of the contracts and contract lease calculation (turnover-dependent, fixed, variable, etc.), common area expenses, energy consumption costs tracking and reflections, monitoring of critical dates, invoicing, increase, termination all the processes from one place.

You can manage all processes, starting from the candidate location detection phase for the real estate you rent (store, branch, etc.), such as rent calculation (depending on turnover, fixed, variable etc.), common area expenses, follow-up of energy consumption costs, monitoring of critical dates, invoicing, increase, termination.

You can manage all processes such as real estate properties, real estate properties, sales contract proposal, sales contract tracking, invoicing, collection and installment for the real estates you sell.

In accordance with IFRS 16 - Leasing Legislation in compliance with new rules that will start on 01.01.2019 , all financial leasing contracts, valuation and accounting records are created with the Real Estate Management Solution.


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