Being a Part Of Vektora


In Vektora, we believe that the most important part of the company's efficiency chain is employee happiness and that happy customers go the way of happy employees. 

Being a Part Of Vektora

What would you, as a member of the Vektora team, like to do differently?

The first question we ask is what you would like to do differently! We at Vektora are a group of people that create value and opportunities, build new bridges, contribute to the ecosystem of which we are a part and have a real and positive impact on the world through technology. Empowered by this belief, we strive to make technology more convenient for all.

Being a part of VEKTORA

At Vektora, we believe that ultimate employee satisfaction is the most important link in the business efficiency chain and that happy employees make happy customers. Two human values, which are key to a happy workplace, are essential for us: “Mutual Respect” and “Mutual Trust”. All the values, competencies and business processes that define us are built on the company manifesto, which is based on these two particular values.

Vektora memebers are free, curious, passionate and creative. They give importance to individual and corporate transparency. They support each other and enjoy working together.  Hierarchy is only used in decision mechanisms. Apart from this, the knowledge and the value that is acquired through strict and correct work at all levels determine the true strength of Vektora members. 

Career in Vektora

Vektora Career Architecture is based on a flexible structure that will determine your development path. With your business knowledge, experience and competencies; you can proceed in business and human management, or in the in-depth specialization route. We continuously support you with training and development plans according to your choices.

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