It is important to be able to compete strategically in today's business world by making better decisions faster. Improving decision making in database management system software for data storage optimization can help you gain insights.

Along with high-speed operations on real-time data, it quickly responds to advanced analytics in a very short time. The SAP HANA platform uses an in-memory database that removes pre-defined data, performed views, and data replication between operations and decision support systems.

Result: Real-time data at your fingertips.

  • Application services
  • Advanced analytics data development
  • Developments for Cloud and Company


SAP HANA technology keeps the entire database in memory and speeds up the reading/writing speed at a high level. This technology runs hardware and software as integrated and runs the data thousands of times faster than a normal hard disk. SAP has not certified each hardware, but specific brands and models for the operation of this technology.

While reducing the costs significantly by simplifying IT processes, it gives high-performance to the users. With the investments it made in HANA technology and with its professionals dedicated to this technology, Vektora has one of the most powerful teams of Turkey in this field and it has proven its expertise with HANA projects it completed.


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