In Vektora, we believe that the most important part of the company's efficiency chain is employee happiness and that happy customers go the way of happy employees.

HR Applications in Vektora

Talent Management

Thanks to Agile Performance Management, which is implemented within the body of Vektora, we prepare special training and programs to determine your skills and develop yourself in appropriate fields within Vektora Career Architecture depending on performance and potential. 

APM - Agile Performance Management System

At Vektora, we implement innovative applications that meet the requirements of the era and meet today's needs. With Agile Performance Management System, we aimed to provide dynamic, continuous and real-time feedback to our employees and to make more effective contributions to development processes.

360° Performance and Feedback application is a solution that "With which attitude and behavior can I achieve high performance?", one of the two perspectives of our employee's performance evaluation, is discussed... The other perspective of our performance evaluation system is OKR - Goals and Critical Results Management System application in which the question of “What is my role in Vektora and how can I contribute to the business results and strategies of Vektora?” is answered.

360° Feedback Process is a platform that we evaluate attitude and behaviors that we expect from "Vektorians" and that will take them to outstanding success... With feedback from all relevant people, we organize soft skill training that will increase our employees' awareness and take them one step further. In addition, we create a resource where managers can provide accurate information and feedback, which contributes to the development of their employees and speaks the common language.

OKR Objectives and Basic Results Management System;

We follow our goals that lead us to success in an agile and dynamic structure that moves together in the same direction. We adapt the company's targets to certain periods and follow the critical results related to it on weekly/monthly basis. We provide guidance to our employees to keep them at the same target with the feedback given at the "right time".  Thus; while solving the mathematics of how it affects business results in daily life, they also make an important contribution to the growth of Vektora.

Mentor & Mentee Process for Our Newly Graduates

When our newly graduates join in Vektora, mentors are appointed to them. Mentors guides them to get to know the company and adapt to the work quickly. During the feedback sessions held every 15 days, the work and/or assignments given to our employees are passed over and their direction is guided. At the end of the process, the mentor and mentee evaluate each other mutually. In addition, our new graduates, in order to make a correct start to their profession; we support soft behavior training such as Safe Behavior, Customer Oriented Service Skills Development, and Presentation Techniques.

Vektora Talent Campus

We are implementing a special program of two weeks for our friends, who have recently graduated from the university, who are the leaders of the future, who have been introduced to the work at Vektora and have been given various training. We also recruit our talents, who complete the program successfully.

Our HR Activities

“Fun Meetings“

We periodically organize a cheerful activity, for which we invite the inspiring speakers, and also play for amusing, effective and permanent learning called as "gamification".

 "Cross Sections"

Our activity, which is organized for our teams to get to know each other and for the presentations of the previous works and projects... We aim to increase our synergy even more with this practice that strengthens our internal communication.

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