As SAP's and Microfocus' Gold Partner; with our ability to think past, present and future at the same time, we offer pioneering and different solutions to our customers' digital transformation journeys. With our IoT projects, which are the most important chain of the digital transformation process, we work as one of you to meet the rising customer expectations that create flexible supply networks that connect to the world of machines and systems. We present our plug and play applications with our close to 20 special solutions, all of which are developed by experienced Vektora software team.



SAP Application and System Support Services (AMS)

We list end-to-end SAP consultancy services according to your needs, and ensure that systems and applications work 24/7 uninterruptedly and efficiently.

Project Management

By using methodologies such as SAP Activate, Project Life Cycle and Agile, we take care to serve in a flexible structure that takes shape according to the needs of your project.

7/24 Data Transfer Monitoring and Management Service

We monitor and control your data at regular intervals and keep the data in your systems up-to-date.

Management Consulting

We are renewing your company's lifecycle by working with you to simplify, reshape and make your business processes measurable.

System Integration

We make your processes that run on various platforms and run through different systems meet the needs of end users, and increase your system efficiency.

Custom Application Development

With our application, development and integration services covering different platforms, we develop special applications suitable for the needs of your business and integrate them with your existing SAP systems.

Digital Transformation in Human Resources Begins With the New Generation Fiori Applications!


Fiori which includes many standard applications, presents unique, fast, trustworthy and completely user friendly environment to corporations. With the SAP specialties and the environment it presents, Fiori allows an easy usage, a real time and unique experience on desktop and every mobile phone and tablets.

Turkey’s biggest and the world’s one of the biggest charitable foundation Turkish Red Crescent has started their digital transformation by building a partnership with Vektora. They transferred their system to SAP S/4HANA and used Fiori as a module in order to keep up with the latest technology and to make their systems much more effective, faster, stable and modern.


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