SAP Cloud Platform

SAP Cloud Platform

In the digital transformation scenarios of companies, cloud technologies are now in an important place. With Cloud Technologies, businesses can access their applications, services and infrastructure services at any time without investment costs. SAP's most important product in cloud technology is SAP Cloud Platform that runs on SAP HANA database.

SAP Cloud Platform; is the cloud-based enterprise service platform (PaaS) that provides basic platform services and many different services to create, develop and manage intelligent, innovative cloud applications. The SAP Cloud Platform is designed to speed up digital conversion by helping you to develop the application quickly, easily, and economically without any hardware costs or the need for infrastructure. It allows as much flexibility and control as you want over applications. Businesses may use ready applications such as Big Data, IoT, and Machine Learning in SAP Cloud Platform. 


Open Commercial Platform (Platform as a Service): It is a service platform that is established on open standards. It allows you to create cloud applications. SAP Cloud Platform, with Cloud Foundry technology, allows fast innovation on a preferred hypercloud by using any programming language or service. Upcoming SAP Cloud Platform ABAP Environment and SAP Cloud Platform Kubernetes Environment offer multiple development options under a single platform in order to support cloud-based innovation.

Digital Transformation: Speed up digital transformation by quickly setting up next generation applications on SAP Cloud Platform.

Data Management and Analytics: Comprehensive data management and advanced analytics services. Real-time data forecasting and usage of these data in applications and analysis.

Integration: Manage business processes, decisions and data between cloud and intercorporate applications smoothly in real-time. 

Expandable Solutions: Use SAP Cloud Platform extensibility to use solution flexibility and innovation for your business applications.

User Experience: Create digital experience in users with application design, development and management in SAP Cloud Platform

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