Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

SAP BusinessObjects BI (SAP BO or formerly named as BOBJ) is a reporting and business intelligence (BI) platform that provides an opportunity to analyze to all users and that supports decision mechanism. SAP BO consists of a wide variety of reporting applications that allow users to explore data, obtain analyzes, and generate reports that visualize analyzes.

SAP BO aims to simplify reporting and analysis. Thanks to its easy reporting facilities, SAP BO enhances the possibilities of analyzing by reducing IT dependency and thus enables rapid decision making. SAP BusinessObjects BI applications, using drag and drop, enable users to search and analyze data from a wide variety of sources. SAP BO is a business intelligence platform that provides reporting, so the data used in reporting is not stored at the application level, but is integrated from various back-end sources. 

AP BO consists of a series of reporting and analysis applications that change functionality based on their intended use.

These applications include the following: 

  • Web Intelligence (Webi) that allows users to do analysis, generate formatted reports, and distribute reports on SAP BO or transfer them to PDF or Excel 
  • Crystal Reports, a data analysis and reporting tool for individual users or small and medium-sized enterprises (SMBs), enables reports to be created using various data sources. Reports created using Crystal Reports can be accessed online and offline from reporting platforms, applications and mobile devices.
  • A data visualization tool SAP Business Objects" (formerly named as Xcelsius) Dashboard that allows users to create custom dashboards from reports. Customized dashboards may involve interactive graphics, indicators, and widgets.
  • SAP BusinessObjects Explorer, a self-service data discovery tool that enables users to research large volumes of data from various sources and create data visualizations that can be shared between departments.
  • SAP Lumira, a self-service data detection and visualization tool that allows users to find and analyze relevant business data and create custom interactive control panels and analysis applications.

SAP Analytics Cloud BI

SAP Analytics Cloud is a SAP-designed business intelligence service (SaaS) platform for the cloud to deliver all analytics capabilities to all users in a single product. SAP Analytics Cloud, one hundred percent integration to the SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP), distinguishes itself from other business intelligence solutions as a business intelligence platform that enables visualization, planning and forecasting on a single platform in a cloud-based environment for analysts and decision-makers. While traditional business intelligence solutions require data to move across different applications for visualization, scheduling, and forecasting functions, the IBCS certified SAP Analytics Cloud provides users with a user-friendly user interface and experience to run these functions across a single platform.

SAP Analytics Hub

SAP Analytics Hub is a cloud-based business analytics service (SaaS) that enables the right users to combine SAP and non-SAP analytics on a single roof to make better decisions with the right user at the right time with the right analysis. Simplifying access to business analytics across a variety of environments, SAP Analytics Hub provides the ability to analyze users without sacrificing agility with the AI and Machine Learning capabilities they host. SAP Analytics Cloud, with customization support to enhance individual analysis capabilities, facilitates access to analytical solutions for users' access and needs with AI and Machine Learning capabilities..

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