Kale Group SAP S/4HANA Success Story

Could you please tell us about Kale Group with numerical data?

Kale Group is Europe’s fourth and the world’s 15th largest manufacturer in the building materials sector.We operate with more than 5,000 employees and commercial activities spanning 100 different countries.

What are the most crucial factors in which you decided to use SAP? What were the benefits of using SAP?

At Kale, our primary goal is sustainability. For 20 years, we had a team that developed our own applications. Therefore, it wasn’t possible to keep up with the rapidly changing and evolving world with our own team alone.So, we decided to take our enterprise applications to SAP, the world’s best known and trusted platform.With the technological platform provided by SAP S/4HANA, we were able to make five companies and 14 different locations communicate with each other without the need for integration.We are now able to monitor our document flow instantly on this platform.Inventory and warehouse management is one of our most critical issues. We were able to track the inventory and warehouse management, for which we previously used different applications, within a single system with SAP's MM and BM modules.As part of Kale Group’s collaboration with partner, we also completed Turkey's first embedded transportation management project together with live transition to SAP.

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