Kale Group SAP S/4HANA Success Story

As Vektora, we undertook the Digital Transformation Project of KALE Group, which is Turkey’s leading corporation in ceramic sector. Listen to our success story of Kale Group S/4HANA project that is a Bronze Winner in SAP Quality Awards from Kale Group's Head of IT Murat Erez. 


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Kale Group S/4HANA Project

Project Scope: 14 months

Number of users: 850

Projects in the Project: 5 firms (Kaleseramik, Kalekim, Kale Nakliyat, Kale Frit, Kale Maden) and 14 different locations

Training time: 7800 man/hour

- Kale Group actively started to use BW on HANA as a data warehouse solution, Business Objects and Analytics Cloud as a business intelligence solutions and BPC on HANA as a budget planning tool.

- With the project getting into live use and thanks to the integration of 13 banks, instant collections have become easily traceable. 

-Kale Group, started to implement its shipping planning and cost management in an integrated manner with the group companies thanks to the SAP S/4HANA embedded TM which is applied for the first time in Turkey.

-SAP S/4HANA MM and WM enabled stock management which was used to be tracked with different applications, to be tracked on one single platform.


- FI/CO – FM – TRM – BPC – BW - MM – WM -  SD – PP – PS – PM – QM – TM – HCM

-Preferring of standard solutions.

-Simple design of processes.

-Certainly not to carry out operational data transfer.

-Effective reporting in a very short time.

-Visibility of customer and product based profitability.

-Successful bank integration.

Ceramic, Transport, Constructing Products, Production

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