The Biggest SAP S/4HANA Migration Project of Turkey

We brought in something new as Vektora and got the biggest SAP S / 4 HANA Migration Project of Turkey into Live Use at Vestel Marketing with Conversion Methodology.

Vestel Marketing, which performs its operations on SAP since 1998, got the Biggest SAP S / 4 HANA Migration Project of Turkey into live use with Conversion Methodology on April 24, 2018, with the business partnership of Vektora.  Vestel Marketing is planning to satisfy the future needs of the sector today thanks to the speed, real-time analysis of data, the predictive analysis provided by Hana platform and infrastructure that is ready for big data and IoT technologies that will shape the future.  

Turkey's biggest SAP S / 4 HANA Migration Project, having 794 system users in total; 25 internal/external system integration, 3750 programs, 1578 functions and that is carried out by using the existing process data, successfully went live without any business or data loss.

Murat Zeren, CIO of Zorlu Holding said, "First of all, I would like to thank everyone who has worked in this project. It was quite a detailed operation for Vestel Marketing. It was not easy to have this project go live, but we have successfully completed this transition. I believe that the project will continue with the same success in the future as well."

Fatih Bahar, IT Project Manager of Zorlu Holding, said, "Vektora knows very well about all of our internal dynamics and therefore now we, as Vektora and Vestel, act integratedly. We had the most beautiful outcome of this partnership by successfully going live."


 General Project Aims

  • Decrease the number of (development) displays with Z, approximately 2000 in total
  • Increase the operation speed throughout the system
  • Thanks to Fiori product that comes with S4 Hana 1610 version bringing the users of sales representatives in "Traditional Dealer" channel together with the capabilities such as Order Entry, Stock Screening, Credit Screening, Tracking Shipments over mobile environment
  • Ensuring the SAP PI module, which controls the traffic of interactions with SAP and nonSAP systems and provides security for them, is transformed to SAP PO module with an upgrade
  • Credit risk structure - to ensure the renewal of expense distribution in profitability analysis

The Advantages of S / 4 HANA

  • Speed advantage that comes with the Hana platform
  • Real-time understanding of the financial performance in order to increase the efficiency of financial processes from planning and analysis to year-end procedures and treasury management
  • Competition advantage thanks to analysis with real-time data
  • New, user-friendly interface structure with Fiori screens
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Infrastructure ready for Big Data, IoT and Cloud Computing
  • End-to-end warehouse management via mobile tablet thanks to changing from WM module to EWM module in spare part inventory


Technical Details

  • Number of system users: 794
  • 25 External/internal system integration
  • Total Programs: 3750 (960 actives)
  • Total Functions: 1578
  • Total Class/Method: 136
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