We Got the Most Extensive SAP S/4HANA Project Carried Out Among the Charities around the World into Live Use in Red Crescent

Red Crescent, which is Turkey's most prominent and world's notable humanitarian aid organization, got a Corporate Automation Project "Pusula" with 5800 active users into live use as of the date of January 1, 2019, with a business partnership with Vektora. With PUSULA, which is the world's most extensive SAP S/4HANA project carried out within the charities; Donation Management, Communal and Social Services Management, Refugee Management, Commercial Enterprises, BLOOD Services General Management, 4 Hospitals, and Medical Centers started to work integratedly as part of Red Crescent. 

 Upon launching the first phase of the Pusula project, 12 million donors' data were entered to the system, and all the movements of them started to be momentarily monitored via CRM module without any manual intervention. Thanks to the integration carried out at 21 banks; instant collections can again be monitored from Donor and Volunteer Relations Management System. 

Central Finance System Management

In the project, that was put into practice with a business partnership of Vektora, Branches, General Management, all the companies that work to get financial income can use the income and expense centers integratedly by using the same financial system now. 

It is possible to connect to the system via a mobile connection from anywhere in the world

Thanks to the Human Resources module that is put into use in the first phase of the project, all the Red Crescent employees will be able to manage their travels and leave of absences from the system. 5200 users, who were introduced to the system as soon as the system went live, started to actively login from the system as of the date of January 1, 2019. 

After the project got into live use, Dr. Kerem Kınık, chairman of Red Crescent, went live on social media accounts of Red Crescent and said, "It was a tough process to transfer the whole business processes of a foundation like Red Crescent, which works in different fields, into a single automation system. But, the teams of Vektora and Red Crescent worked selflessly to ensure that this process is successfully completed. I would like to thank everyone who worked in this project."  

User experience will be at the forefront in the second phase of the project

Dr. Kerem Kınık said that there would be many innovations in the second phase of the project and continued, "In the second phase of the Red Crescent corporate automation project, there will be works such as both simplification of user experiences and having training on how to reduce the disaster risks from online platforms."

The project successfully has gone online

Mr. Hüseyin Savaş, Directorate of Red Crescent Information Systems said, "We have accomplished going the online process of SAP Corporate Automation Project carried out on January 1, 2019, with a minimum error margin than expected. So far, we have not encountered any serious problems. Therefore, I can say that it is a very successful going live process." 

Mr. Turgay Piyadeoğlu, General Manager at Vektora, said "It is always very difficult to go online especially in such big projects. However, upon going online, I saw great happiness on the face of our all employees that worked in this project. Because everyone was experiencing the pride of the greatness of the Red Crescent Pusula Project. We are proud to be a part of this project." 

Integrations Put into Practice in RED CRESCENT PUSULA Project

  • Online Donation Integration with 21 Banks
  • Online Donation Integration via Corporate WEB page and Mobile applications
  • Blood Services Field Team management, Blood collection, Material Preparation, Production and Shipping Integration
  • Financial Transactions Integration with 4 Hospitals and Medical Center
  • SMS Donation Integration
  • Call Center Integration
  • Online Bank Statement and Direct Debit Integration with 9 Banks
  • Real Estate Bank Rent and Lump Sum Payment Integration
  • Real Estate Map Integration
  • TAKBİS, MEGSİS and MERNİS Integration
  • PDKS and UYAP Integration
  • Refugee Information Management System Integration

The modules that got into live use within the scope of the project:

  • SAP CRM, Respondent/Client Interaction Management
    • Donor and Volunteer Relations Management
    • Social Services and Immigration Relations Management
    • Call Center
    • Blood Services Team Planning
    • Commercial Enterprises
  • SAP ERP S4HANA 1709
    • FI/CO – FM - BPC (BPC 11 version on BW4HANA) – MM – SD – PP – PS – PM – QM – RE – HCM - BW4HANA
  • SAP SRM, Supplier Portal, Tender Management
  • Easy Red Crescent Fiori Employee/Manager Portal
    • Travel, Expense, and Leave of Absence Management in Fiori
    • Management of Purchasing and HR approval processes that currently depend on paperwork, on a digital platform
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