Zorlu Holding BPC Project Success Story

Zorlu Holding's SAP BPC project is presented by Zorlu Holding CIO's Murat Zeren. Zeren touches upon the importance of being able to manage the budgets of more than 60 companies in the holding company after SAP BPC project, among the reasons for choosing Vektora, there are Vektora's expertise and know-how, and their confidence based on their previous project experiences.


SAP Business Planning and Consolidation project provided access to reliable corporate data. Planning and consolidation processes were optimized. The SAP BPC project provided a budget structure in which the plan and budget data were kept on the database, data security was ensured by user-based authorization, and different strategies could be adapted quickly in the form of different scenarios and this solution brought a new perspective to the company's budget culture. 

Budget management of 60+ companies.


Experience of Vektora in the field of business analytics.

Vektora's project references.

Budget's management from one place.

Ability to see the budgets of more than 60 companies in 5 different sectors in one place.


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